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In fact, The Wall Street Journal recently reported is soaring in popularity — especially among professional people serious about finding a meaningful, lasting serious relationship. Matchmaking, a time-honored dating method still popular in some religious and ethnic groups, is emerging as a niche antidote to the agonies of online dating. And if apps require people to sink hours into swiping and chatting, matchmakers offer an opportunity to outsource the effort. There are countless professional matchmakers, from solo matchmakers who connect people locally in their city, to international organizations. Give It’s Just Lunch a call now at , or fill out a quick form on their website and have them call you. While I happen to be happy with my boyfriend of 2. Based on your answers, as well as your location, the specialist will offer you a dating package — a fixed number of dates over a specific period of time. The higher the likelihood they can find quality matches for you in your area, the higher the number of dates they will promise. Too pricey for you now?

Online Dating In Malaysia Under MCO: Thoughts From 2 Matchmaking Experts

Contents: Find love that lasts a lifetime. As mentioned before, we are very happy to have been matched by Lunch Actually and look forward to taking big leaps together into our future! Gender Select Gender Male Female.

Other agencies such as, Lunch Actually, have certified matchmakers sort Lunch Actually has two other offices in Malaysia and Hong Kong.

A tete-a-tete with Lim revealed some nitty-gritties of starting up a dating platform and executing its success. A Well, if I were to tell you my childhood dream was to be a matchmaker, I will be pulling your leg! Prior to starting Lunch Actually, I read law and have a masters in human resources. My first job a Management Associate at a global bank. When I was working in the bank, I realised that many of my colleagues were single and not dating.

That was rather puzzling for me as they were attractive and eligible people. I soon realised that it is because they were working really long hours, they were virtually married to the bank. Most of my friends who were getting married met their other half at school or at university. That was where I met my husband as well. That was where I observed that if you miss the opportunity of meeting someone at school or at university, it gets increasingly difficult to meet someone.

I also noticed that my banker friends, no matter how late they work, would make time for lunch. So rather than always eating with people whom you are already know, why not lunch with someone whom you do not know, and who knows, something might come out of it! A Well, Lunch Actually is an offline matchmaking service, so we are definitely different than dating apps.

And our positioning has always been clear – we want to help serious singles find love.

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The famous lyrics to the musical, Fiddler on the Roof, were sung by the milkman’s daughters when they caught sight of their mother in a deep discussion with the village matchmaker. For some, finding that “catch” could be a piece of cake. For others though, the path to Mr. Right, may require help from a third party. The practice of matchmaking is spread out across cultures throughout history, but none more pronounced than in Asia, especially in China and India — the emerging economic giants of today.

At the dawn of the 21st century, the idea of matchmaking in modern cities like Hong Kong and Singapore, seems absurd.

Looking for singles: america’s most other sites, – how successful we are just lunch matchmaking? Do free online dating sites online dating is the busier and.

Hello, your email is unverified. Please confirm for access to all your SPH accounts. TWO homegrown companies said on Tuesday that they have raised venture capital to expand their services – coincidentally, both are in matchmaking. The first, Glints, is a Singapore-based graduate recruitment platform that matches youths to their desired jobs. The funding will be used for regional expansion and to enhance its youth career discovery and development platform.

Since , Glints has amassed over , users actively looking for entry-level job opportunities and over 4, companies looking to hire. The platform is founded by three friends who had reportedly dropped out of Stanford, UC Berkeley, and Wharton Business School to start up. Your feedback is important to us. Tell us what you think. Email us at btuserfeedback sph. Lunch Actually said that it would use the capital to drive growth in its existing markets – Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia – and to expand to a new market in Asia.

To-date, the group has reportedly gathered more than half a million members and arranged over 70, dates, with thousands of successful couples and marriages under its belt. It offers both online and offline dating platforms.

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Lunch Actually first launched our dating service to serve professional singles in Singapore in April Our clients are successful professionals who are looking for their lifetime partner, but have not settled down as of yet due to their hectic lifestyles. Our database comprises of executives, directors, lawyers, accountants, doctors, and entrepreneurs who are now looking to get more from life than just work.

We are passionately committed to continuously grow its business with dignity and integrity. Working in the dating industry is challenging, but immensely rewarding.

We picked up some tricks from Violet Lim, the co-founder of matchmaking agency Lunch Actually, during an interview at her Cuppage Road.

We have a strict 24hrs approval process to screen through all new users. Instead of swiping through hundreds of low quality matches, our users will only receive 2 to 5 compatible matches daily. Most users will schedule their first date within 2 weeks. Tips: LunchClick is a free dating app. Users can use the app for free and go out on unlimited dates! Quality matches. Noon, daily. More is not always better. This allows you to get to know your match more easily, rather than having to kill your brain cells thinking of good conversation topics.

When you are ready, propose to meet up!

In Conversation with Violet Lim, Eteract and Lunch Actually

Accredited by the Social Development Network. Most of our clients are professionals, managers, executives and businessmen who are looking for a serious relationship. Your matches will appear once the personality quiz has been completed. Our detailed personality test and paid dates system screens out singles who are not looking for a serious relationship. Once you’ve selected a match that you would like to go on a date with, our consultants will conduct an ID verification and phone screening for all members before arranging the date.

Matchmaking can be a great way for busy professionals to find quality relationships. It’s Just Lunch of the largest with affordable options.

Question 1 What is important to you when choosing a dating service? The lower the price, the better Confidentiality and privacy The less work, the better As many choices as possible Personal touch and is customization Verification and Screening. Question 2 What is your budget for using a dating service? Hey dating is supposed to be free A small budget for services Moderate, have to pay for value High, I don’t want to waste time Money is not an issue, I want the best.

Question 3 Have you ever tried a dating service in the past? I never tried online dating before Tried and it was a bad experience Tried and it was a decent experience. Question 4 Singles Events I never tried singles events before Attended and it was bad experience Attended and it was a decent experience. Question 5 Personalized Matchmaking I never tried personalized matchmaking Tried and it was bad experience Tried and it was a decent experience. Question 6 What are your expectations in using a dating service?

Just meet new friends and have fun Meet new potential relationship partners to explore Matched with people serious of finding a relationship To find someone to get married. Question 7 What type of social setting do you prefer?

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“The matchmaker helped me from the standpoint of, she was doing the work.” Melissa Brown, CEO of It’s Just Lunch, a matchmaking service.

If you’re seeing this message, that means JavaScript has been disabled on your browser. The co-founders of Lunch Actually needs no introduction as they are well-known in the offline dating space for matchmaking professionals and executives. While expanding Lunch Actually to Malaysia and Hong Kong, the founders of the team have now embarked on a venture that translates the dating business from offline to online and vice versa.

Their new dating portal, Eteract allows singles to conveniently and instantly meet new friends by doing interactive and efficient online speed dating activities together to determine if there is chemistry and connection between them. So, we interview Violet about the story behind Eteract. Hi Violet, thank you for accepting the interview. Tell us the story about Eteract and how it started.

Violet: Having been an offline lunch dating agency for a few years, we have always been on the trying out new concepts and looking out for interesting new ideas. We have also always been fascinated with the online dating model and keeping track of what was happening in the dating industry. We felt that online dating would have many synergies with our offline lunch dating model but for a long time, we were not content to start just another online dating site without a differentiating point from the existing sites out there.

One afternoon, we simply had an eureka moment and wondered was it possible to bring the popular speed dating offline event and transform it to become an online platform instead. Hence the idea of Eteract started to take shape. Eteract is a online dating site for singles. How does it distinguish itself from dating portals we have seen elsewhere?

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