Day one in the Big Brother house

By Daily Mail Reporter. After five days in the house, this year’s batch of Big Brother contestants are already finding themselves in the midst of an emotional rollercoaster. Just days after branding her a ‘skid mark’, Sallie Axl mused to Big Brother she actually doesn’t mind mouthy rival Gina Rio. Scroll down for video. For more videos, please go to ITV. However, jobless Gina who lives off handouts from her mother totalling thousands of pounds so she can live in a hotel, has been busy making enemies elsewhere in the house.

Big Brother 2013 ‘Secrets and Lies’: First contestants enter house

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Big Brother’s Jemima warned over racial comments

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Search Search. Menu Sections. A heavily tattooed glamour model, a former male escort and a woman who runs a “gold-digger” website were among the housemates who have begun a stint on TV’s Big Brother – unaware that a professional actor has joined them in the house to create mayhem. The first part of the series launch came as police warned broadcaster Channel 5 over the risks of having a former police officer as a contestant.

A newspaper claimed that a detective constable who worked on a high-profile case will be appearing on the show. The Daily Star – which is owned by the same media mogul who owns Channel 5 – reported that the contestant played a key role on Operation Yewtree, the investigation into Jimmy Savile. The former officer, who has not been identified, is expected to enter the Big Brother house on Friday. The launch of the show has been given a staggered start with a further selection of hopefuls to be added later.

Other housemates to go into the house included a deaf footballer and identical teenage twins who work in a supermarket. As ever, the show has attracted an array of wannabes. They include nude model and aspiring DJ Sallie Axl, a mum-of-one with a full sleeve tattoo who claims to have slept with 70 women.

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In scenes shown on Channel 5 last night, fake housemate Michael asked Slade about her ‘type’ when it comes to dating. I like mixed race. Moments later, Gina asked Jemima for a chat in the bedroom and – after relaying the previous conversation to the rest of the group – told Jemima that she felt offended by her earlier comments. You had a fight on the first night.

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The first eight contestants in Big Brother: Secrets and Lies have been revealed. The housemates were introduced during the show’s live launch this evening June 13 and include an alternative model, celebrity publicist and the owner of a gold digger dating site. However, this year’s series also includes the first-ever People’s Puppet, Michael – an actor who is at the whim of the public and aims to “cause havoc for the other housemates”.

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Jemima slade dating site

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Big Brother’s Jemima issued with formal warning over ‘racist’ row

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